Qualities of a Great Teacher


Teaching is not an easy profession. Some say it is a calling. While you might be able to go to school and learn all that pertains to teaching, or better yet take and pass the exams such as the core subjects ec-6 while preparing, it doesn’t guarantee that one is inherently a good teacher. The teaching professionals require more than just the knowledge being passed to students. Teachers are the backbone of the education system. But do you know which characteristics define who a great teacher is?. Below are some of qualities of good teacher.

A Great Teacher is Passionate

Great teachers are always approachable and passionate about their work. They are easily accessible, warm, and enthusiastic when it comes to how they deal with their students. A student can easily approach such teachers with any kind of problem. They have commendable listening skills and no matter how busy they seem, they always make time to interact with a student. Their love for the job is seen in how easily they leave their baggage outside the school doors, and face the day with smiles and good moods. Passion inspires students to learn and improve themselves.

They Treat Respect as a Two-way Traffic

In every classroom headed by a great teacher, each person’s opinions and ideas is highly valid. They  create a comfortable atmosphere where students feel safe to express their feelings. Moreover, this kind of environment also encourages students to learn how to respect and listen to others opinions. The teacher is therefore able to create a welcoming learning environment despite their students’ differences. Know more about the elementary education multiple subjects.

They Enjoy and Love Learning

A great teacher inspires students to learn about their passions other than learning academics in general. Such teachers know and understand the benefits of renewing themselves as professionals by acquiring more knowledge in the quest to provide the highest quality of education. Such teachers enjoys challenge and they are never afraid of learning new strategies as well as incorporating new technologies into their classroom schedule. They always seem to be willing to share what they have learnt with their colleagues. If you want to learn more about the qualities of a good teacher, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teacher.

A Skilled Leader

Effective teachers will always focus on the benefits of shared decision-making and teamwork. They convey a sense of leadership to their students by engaging them in activities that will require the students to assume leadership roles. They understand the benefit of community building, which helps them grow as individuals and professionals. Check out the core subjects ec-6 for more details.


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